Bollicine di Montagna

Trentino is D.O.C.

Trentodoc is a direct reflection of the land that produces it, Trentino. A small region, perhaps, but its borders host a wide variety of climates, from Garda, the first tangible sign of the Mediterranean world for those arriving from Germany, to the extraordinary natural monument of the Dolomites, which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in June 2009.

A DOC climate

In the Trentino region you’ll find the temperature variations typical of a mountain environment. These are necessary for producing an exceptional metodo classico sparkling wine. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, which are the best grapes for producing Trentodoc sparkling wine, ripen perfectly in these special conditions, helped by the nature of the terrain itself.

The land is DOC

The diversity of the land is a blessing for Trentodoc winemaking. The Trentino region features extraordinary geological variations that range from calcareous to porphyritic volcanic soils. With such a large diversity of soils that can bestow different characteristics to the wine, each Trentodoc producer can better express the potential of individual areas.

The perfection of the Trentodoc

Our story

The Trentodoc story starts with Giulio Ferrari, a curious, young oenologist from the San Michele all’Adige Agrarian Institute, who would go on to become an icon in the world of Italian sparkling wine at an international level.

The Wineries