A good dose of curiosity and intuition are often fundamental in reaching a goal. 

In 1902, besides his innate curiosity, the young Giulio Ferrari also held the position of enologist at the San Michele all’Adige Agrarian Institute. During a study trip to France, demonstrating great intuition, he identified a certain similarity between the Champagne and Trentino regions. Why not, then, try to produce a Trentino sparkling wine? This was to be the origin of Trentodoc sparkling wine from the mountains.

Thus did the tradition of metodo classico sparkling wine begin, close to Piazza Duomo, in Trento. It achieved D.O.C. certification in 1993, one of the first worldwide after Champagne.

Since then the number of Trentodoc producers has grown continuously, benefiting from the essential support of the San Michele all’Adige Agrarian Institute, today the Mach Foundation, a vital hub of research and development for Trentino wine cultivation.

Yet the history of Trentodoc has more ancient roots. Italian winemakers have existed since a long time and wine has always been made in Trentino, being first mentioned as far back as 3000 B.C. The science of winemaking has subsequently been developed to the highest levels, finding an excellent ally in the San Michele all'Adige Agrarian Institute, today the Mach Foundation, some of whose students have gone on to become renowned oenologists all around the world. 

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Here is our history and most important milestones: 

3000 A.C.
First evidence of wine production in Trentino
First productions of
the Trentino metodo classico 
The San Michele Agrarian Institute is founded
Giulio Ferrari begins
to produce
classic Trentino sparkling wine
The Trento DOC Institute is founded on the request of the producers
The Trentino region receives D.O.C. certification
Creation of the collective Trentodoc regional trademark
The Edmund Mach Institution (ex Agrarian Institute) is established
49 sparkling wine producers are members of the Istituto Trento Doc