How to drink Trentodoc

Trentodoc is a wine just waiting to be discovered and therefore we prefer not to offer pairing suggestions, but instead to let those who taste it have the opportunity and the pleasure of evaluating its versatility and nuances in turn.
It is certainly a complete wine that can be paired with local, traditional delicacies, but it also pairs well with Italian and International dishes. 
Perfect for celebrations, Trentodoc also lends itself impeccably to daily toasts or simple dinners among friends. 
Taking a risk is not only allowed, it’s strongly recommended… 

From pasta, to rice, to fish, to cheeses, deli meats and even savoury pastries.

Like a great red wine, it is also ideal with heartier meals including red meat, especially in its richer and more structured varieties.

Only demi-sec, sec and extra-dry are recommended with desserts; never pair a dryer Trentodoc, such as a brut, with a dessert!

Summer or Winter, Trentodoc is for every season. A sensory experience repeated like a game: that of searching in a wine glass for all the fragrances that express an entire territory and make this wine unique.

One of the fundamental characteristics of the Trentodoc is its perlage. Fine and persistent bubbles convey its quality.

On the nose, it recalls fruity and floral fragrances, with many other notes: vanilla, apricot, tropical fruit, toasted nuts, freshly baked bread, Golden Delicious, white chocolate and jasmine. The taste is fresh, full and corpulent on impact, all achieved with a skilful balance between softness and measured acidity.

Trentodoc should be served chilled, in a broad bowled glass, at a temperature of between 8 and 12 degrees.