Sparkling wine from
the mountains

Trentodoc is a prized sparkling wine due to the characteristics of the land, the variety of the climate and the distinctive attitudes of Trentino, which all contribute in making it different: an authentic sparkling wine from the mountains, best quality sparkling wines in Italy. You don’t have to take our word for it; you just need to see the acknowledgements that our producers receive every year.

Trentodoc can define itself as a sparkling wine from the mountains thanks to a special blend of elements: land, altitude and climate.

Trentino... Trentodoc 

Vista su lago di Garda trentino con cielo azzurro
Sparkling Italian wine: spumante from Trentino mountains
The vineyards of the Trentino region add up to a total of 10,000 hectares (2% of Italy’s vineyards) with 8% comprising sparkling wine base grapes and a total annual production of around 7/8 million bottles. Large figures for a small area like ours which, besides having figures to back it up, also features special characteristics that make it particularly suitable for producing high quality sparkling wine, the spumante made through the exclusive use of the metodo classico.
From the mild Lake Garda to the biting cold of the Dolomites, the variation of temperatures present in Trentino is very wide and contributes, together with other characteristics that are intrinsic to the land, in defining the exclusive character of Trentodoc.
It is Trentino that makes Trentodoc different from all other sparkling wines; it is our land that makes it top quality Italian metodo classico sparkling wines.

The mountain 

Panorama di montagna con valle e paesi
Panorama di montagna con vista aerea di paese
Panorama di montagna con vista su massiccio dolomitico
Vista panoramica di Dolomiti con steccato in primo piano
Ours is a mountainous area and the mountain, when we are talking about Trentodoc, is an extensive resource. In Trentino, vines can be cultivated at varying altitudes, benefitting from the influence of the microclimates found in the mountains. This is reflected in our metodo classico sparkling wines, making them true spumante from the mountains.

The Trentino vineyards, from which Trentodoc is created, are cultivated up to a maximum height of 800 metres above sea level.
The altitude of the vineyard influences the ripening process of the grapes, just as the climate variation is a direct reflection of the cultivation environment. The altitude, in particular, consistently influences the acidity of the grapes during the period between ripening and harvest.
Vines grown at higher altitudes produce healthier grapes, yet the whole Trentino mountain microclimate offers benefits, even for vines grown at lower altitudes.

The climate 

Vista panoramica su Dolomiti con steccato in primo piano
Vista aerea su lago con paese sulla riva e barca
Vista di lago con montagna sullo sfondo
Vista di Dolomiti innevate con cielo azzurro su sfondo
Vista su filari di vigneti spogli con montagne innevate su sfondo
The Trentino climate varies and is distinguished by vast temperature variations, which are fully reflected in the organoleptic qualities of our Trentodoc sparkling wines, spumante from the mountains.
The geographical and climatic conditions produce the temperature variations typical of an alpine environment, which is especially important in lending quality and a variety of aromas to our metodo classico Trentodoc, as well as making it particularly intriguing.