The mountain

Panorama di montagna con valle e paesi
Panorama di montagna con vista aerea di paese
Panorama di montagna con vista su massiccio dolomitico
Ours is a mountainous area and the mountain, when we are talking about Trentodoc, is an extensive resource. In Trentino, vines can be cultivated at varying altitudes, benefitting from the influence of the microclimates found in the mountains. This is reflected in our metodo classico sparkling wines, making them true spumante from the mountains.

The Trentino vineyards, from which Trentodoc is created, are cultivated up to a maximum height of 800 metres above sea level.
The altitude of the vineyard influences the ripening process of the grapes, just as the climate variation is a direct reflection of the cultivation environment. The altitude, in particular, consistently influences the acidity of the grapes during the period between ripening and harvest.
Vines grown at higher altitudes produce healthier grapes, yet the whole Trentino mountain microclimate offers benefits, even for vines grown at lower altitudes.