Calice con logo Trento Doc su sfondo bianco e nero
Bottiglia spumante Trento Doc stappata
The trademark: a name, a symbol.

The trademark, which is carried by every bottle of produced by Trentodoc winemakers, comes from the combination of the name of its city of origin, Trento, with the suffix DOC, which stands for Denominazione di Origine Controllata (controlled designation of origin), and indicates the wine’s appellation. The Trentino, from Lake Garda up to the border of the Alto Adige region, is the land of the Trentodoc, a top quality sparkling Italian wine made with the metodo classico.

The Trentodoc trademark features a two “o” design, highlighting one of the most distinctive phases of the metodo classico, the remuage. This is the process, followed by producers of Trentodoc wines, of rotating the bottle by hand on traditional wooden riddling racks, while the wine is resting.