Enoteca - Trentodoc


The Enoteca Provinciale del Trentino, or Provincial Wine Promotion Board of Trentino, is located in the historical center of Trento in an elegant building from the 1500s. Here, visitors can learn about and taste all the different labels from the Trentodoc producers.

The building, Palazzo Roccabruna, is also the permanent seat of events and meetings for local food and wine traditions, as well as an important point of reference for the public. Inside is an exposition of Trentino wines from the past century and a complete collection of Trentodoc wines today, including special Riserva wines and old vintages, held in the cellars of the palazzo.

Visitors may tour the Provincial Wine Promotion Board of Trentino and taste a glass of sparkling wines from the mountains in the elegant rooms, which are testimony to the history of the city and Trentino wine culture.