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Opera Vitivinicola in Valdicembra

After several years of research and construction of the project, Opera Vitivinicola in Valdicembra was founded in 2007 on the initiative of Alfio Garzetti and Bruno Zanotelli. Both of them share a passion for wine and the desire to exploit their home territory, Cembra Valley. The company exclusively produces sparkling classic method Trentodoc. Alfio Garzetti now manages firsthand the winery, assisted by winemakers Paolo Tiefenthaler and Mattia Clementi.

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Opera Nature
Opera Nature
Opera Nature
It’s a 100% Chardonnay, whose grapes come from the limestone terraces of the Cembra Valley. It's significantly greater in minerality and flavor, important qualities that a Trentodoc not dosed as OPERA NATURE can best express. Excellent aperitif, but it also lends itself very well in accompany demanding dishes.

Opera Blanc
Opera Blanc
Opera Blanc
Latest addition to the Opera production, it’s a 100% Pinot Noir vinified in white, not dosed. It remains over 50 months on the yeasts and expresses the character and complexity typical of the grape, however, combined with an extraordinary elegance. It can accompany a variety of dishes in an excellent way.

Opera Brut
Opera Brut
Opera Brut
The sunny vineyards of the Val di Cembra give us a wonderful Trentodoc 100% Chardonnay, remained on the yeast at least 36 months. It owns very particular scents: from the flowers of the hawthorn and magnolia, to the fruity of ripe golden apple and peach, complexed by subtle notes of hazelnut and lightly toasted bread.

Opera Riserva
Opera Riserva
Opera Riserva
Significant Trentodoc Chardonnay 100% produced in a few selected bottles. The vineyards that give these very precious grapes are located predominantly on calcareous soils at an average altitude of 600 m.s.l.m. It 's a sparkling wine Nature that remains for over 70 months on yeasts and expresses great complexity and elegance.

Opera Rosé
Opera Rosé
Opera Rosé
It is produced with grapes harvested by hand from the vineyards of the Val di Cembra. A careful selection of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay allows to obtain a product with an intense aroma, whose elegant fruity notes remind the typical characteristics of Pinot Noir.

Opera Rosé Noir
Opera Rosé Noir
Opera Rosé Noir
By a careful selection of just Pinot Noir grapes of the Cembra Valley comes this Trentodoc. It’s fresh, clean, complex and remains for over 40 months on the yeast. The elegant fragrance recalls the characteristics of Pinot Noir. Excellent as an aperitif, throughout the meal and is perfect to accompany second courses, both meat and fish.

Opera Vitivinicola in Valdicembra
Via Tre Novembre, 8 Verla di Giovo
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