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Trentodoc Day

Trentodoc Day is the online event to be held on Zoom, Facebook, Instagram and Clubhouse, with the participation of sparkling wine producers, experts, journalists and opinion leaders, as well as the AIS – Italian Sommelier Association and the Institute of Masters of Wine.

A whole day that represents an opportunity to discover Trentodoc comfortably from home, exploring its style, quality and territorial identity, also with the help of the App. Among the main topics of this edition: sustainability, the Trentodoc App, food and wine tourism, refinements, the role of women in Trentino sparkling wine, the link between the mountains and Metodo Classico and the new innovation challenges for the sector.

The opening of Trentodoc Day will be at 10.00: all the sparkling wine producers will simultaneously publish a video illustrating the territory and describe one of their wines by post on Facebook or Instagram pages. Trentodoc Day will continue with interviews, round tables and insights.

Below you can find the complete program of the event.


With the participation of 27 Trentodoc sparkling wine producers

Facebook and Instagram pages of the sparkling wine producers
10:00 | Trentodoc Day 2021 – Opening
The 57 sparkling wine producers inaugurate “Trentodoc Day” with the publication of a short video illustrating the territory and the story of one of their wines by post.

Instagram @cantinasocial
11:30 | The Trentodoc altitudes with Cantina Social
Altitudes and ampelography of the Trentodoc territory explained by Cantina Social

Instagram @enoblogger
13:30 | Trentino, Wine Region of the Year: traveling with the Trentodoc App and with Enoblogger
Trentino, Wine Enthusiast’s Wine Region of the Year 2020, narrated through the Trentodoc App: enotourism inspired by the sparkling wine from the mountains and told by Emanuele Trono (@Enoblogger)

Instagram @simoneloguercio
14:30 | Trentodoc, making your choice: zero dosage
Simone Loguercio, AIS 2018 Best Sommelier, talks about Trentodoc zero dosage

Instagram @vale_tesi
15:00 | Trentodoc, making your choice: rosé
Valentino Tesi, AIS 2019 Best Sommelier, talks about Trentodoc rosé

Instagram @robertoanesi
15:30 | Trentodoc, making your choice: riserva
Roberto Anesi, AIS 2017 Best Sommelier, talks about Trentodoc Riserva

Facebook @trentodoc
17:00 | Women are in the Trentodoc DNA
Luciano Ferraro, chief editor of Corriere della Sera, examines the feminine aspect of Trentino sparkling wines

Instagram @gamberorosso
18:00 | The future Trentodoc between sustainability, innovation and tradition
Marco Sabellico, journalist and editor of Gambero Rosso’s guide to Italian Wines, discusses three topical issues for Trentodoc

Zoom – Event by invitation only
18:00 | Trentodoc: approach and pairing with Italy’s Best Sommeliers (reserved for AIS members)
Maurizio Filippi, Roberto Anesi, Simone Loguercio and Valentino Tesi talk about the sparkling wine from the mountains

Zoom – Event by invitation only
19:00 | The role of biodiversity, climate and winemaking in Trentodoc
Seminar organized by The Institute of Masters of Wine, open to Masters of Wine and MW students worldwide. Held by Gabriele Gorelli MW, first Italian Master of Wine (2021)

Zoom (English) – Event by invitation only
19:00 | #TrentodocTime – Trentodoc Day Tasting: Bring Home the Mountains of Trentino (for Usa and Swiss press)
Held by Roberto Anesi, Best Italian Sommelier 2017

Zoom (Italian) – Registration through Trento Doc App
20:30 | #TrentodocTime – From the regulation to the pairing with food: what is the common thread? We talk about it with the Trentodoc young people
TrentodocTime is back, a moment dedicated to all Trentodoc enthusiasts.
With Simone Loguercio, AIS 2018 Best Sommelier and Valentino Tesi, AIS 2019 Best Sommelier

Instagram (English) @mcvino82
20:30 | Armchair Travel to Trentino for #TrentodocDay
Held by Jon McDaniel, Food + Wine Magazine’s Sommelier of the Year 2018

Clubhouse – Hosted by Tinto, Club Trentodoc
21:30 | Clubhouse with Tinto: waiting for Wine Night dedicated to Trentodoc
Tinto, radio host of Decanter on Rai Radio 2 and personality of La7, discovering Trentodoc Metodo Classico