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Abate Nero

Abate Nero only produces Trentodoc metodo classico sparkling wines, which feature an authoritative, strong and elegant character. Its name evokes the legendary figure of the French Abbot held to be the father of Champagne and its collections bring out a desire to share them around.

Abate Nero’s decades-long commitment is evident from its production of jubilant ‘cuvee’ wines: patiently developed, the fruit of choices made on the ground among the vine groves in the Dolomites. These are the only vines that lend finesse and identity to create a sparkling wine that is genuinely from the “land”.
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Abate Nero Extra Brut
Abate Nero Extra Brut
Abate Nero Extra Brut
A symbol of the Abate Nero winery’s research. Un-dosed, with a particularly fine aroma, an elegant texture and an especially dry flavour, it is almost a TRENTODOC “nature”, enhanced by notes of fruit and white flowers.

Abate Nero Brut
Abate Nero Brut
Abate Nero Brut
The harmony of a young, clean TRENTODOC, which intrigues due to its Golden Delicious finish, a flavour that lingers at length on the palate. An unbeatable aperitif, for happy and peaceful moments.

Abate Nero Domini
Abate Nero Domini
Abate Nero Domini
This Trentodoc Millesimato Chardonnay, made of 100% Chardonnay grapes, has great charm thanks to its bright gold colour, elegant and dynamic aroma, good salinity, and its smooth, perfectly balanced flavour. Excellent as an aperitif, it expresses itself best when paired with strongly flavoured cuisine.

Abate Nero Domini Nero
Abate Nero Domini Nero
Abate Nero Domini Nero
The second wine, in chronological terms, developed by the “Domini” line, it is the answer to a challenge set by a skilled wine maker to make a Trentodoc Blanc de Noir from 100% Pinot Nero grape. It rests on its lees for at least 48 months. A concentrated drink for the discerning end consumer that guarantees exclusive finesse and elegance.

Abate Nero Riserva Cuvée dell'Abate
Abate Nero Riserva Cuvée dell'Abate
Abate Nero Riserva Cuvée dell'Abate
Puts a memorable seal on important occasions. A single-vintage with great character, elegant bouquet and a complex texture, which follow and blend into one another. A TRENTODOC that rests confidently on an extraordinary balance of flavours.

Abate Nero Brut Rosé
Abate Nero Brut Rosé
Abate Nero Brut Rosé
Made from 100% Pinot Nero grapes, it is fresh and extremely drinkable, which in Trentino come into their own. Fresh and extremely drinkable, this Trentodoc is suitable for any important occasion. Created to make you dream, it comes from a winery boasting much experience and expertise in producing metodo classico Trentodoc.

Abate Nero Domini Rosé
Abate Nero Domini Rosé
Abate Nero Domini Rosé
This Trentodoc Millesimato is Abate Nero winery's latest addition. Made from 100% Pinot Nero grapes vinified in rosé, it immediately gives the impression of being a wine of exceptional quality that makes the “Domini” range complete. A Trentodoc with an antique pink colour, slightly coppery nuances and an elegant, delicate perlage, like the winery's other wines. It is dry, fruity, fine and persistent.

Abate Nero Extra Dry
Abate Nero Extra Dry
Abate Nero Extra Dry
These metodo classico sparkling wines evoke memories of fruit and flowers, in a whirlwind of freshness and fragrance. Excellent at the end of a meal, this TRENTODOC may also be used in a variety of culinary combinations.

Abate Nero
Sponda Trentina, 45 Trento
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