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Since its foundation in 1984, the Trento DOC Institute, or Istituto Trento DOC, has protected and promoted Trentino classic method sparkling wines. The production regulations guarantee the origins and method of winemaking, which must follow classic method production, with secondary fermentation in the bottle and long contact with the lees if it is to become a Trentodoc.

The Institute’s other important mission is to promote the collective territorial brand of Trentodoc in Italy and the world. This has been a recent milestone of the Trentodoc appellation, which has come about from the initiative of producers and institutions, and allows that any Trentino winery who follows the DOC regulations can adhere to the Institute. The brand was created in order to strengthen the collective identity of the product, its ties to the territory, and the hard work and efforts of the producers. It is a signature that guarantees real quality.


The Regulations, followed by all Trentodoc producers, is an important document that outlines the fundamental rules for producing a Trento D.O.C.

The Regulations and Institute guarantee the following:

  • Professionalism in cultivating the grapevines and attentive selection of the grapes
  • Grapes that are exclusively from Trentino
  • Varieties that may be used are: Chardonnay and/or Pinot bianco and/or Pinot nero and/or Meunier
  • Production using secondary fermentation in the bottle
  • Long aging on the lees

The individual Trentino producers set even higher standards for themselves. From the grape yield to the time they rest their wines on the lees, which is often for much longer than required by the Regulations, they follow a stricter set of guidelines for high quality wine with every bottle, certified D.O.C.


The Fondazione Mach, or Edmund Mach Foundation, is the historical partner of Trentodoc. For over 150 years, they have helped spread Trentino’s wines and improved the agricultural and viticultural technology. Since 2008, the Foundation has followed the activities of the Agricultural Institute of San Michele all’Adige. Here, students come from all over Italy to become enologists, and go on to give their services to the most renowned Italian wineries.

The Foundation is an institute of excellence and a center of agriculture with 14 hectares of greenhouses, workshops, and offices on 70 hectares of land. It is an international center of research and learning that supports the producers in their traditional cultivation methods. There is also an area dedicated to sustainable agriculture and biodiversity. Here, research has shown that it is possible to reduce the impact of chemicals on the vines and soil and to preserve the land and health of those who work daily in the vineyards.

Discover the History, Brand, and Enoteca. Enter the world of Trentodoc!